Clean Your Combos Or Convert MailPass To UserPass!

If you don’t already have EmEditor, then I highly recommend getting yourself a copy. You can download it directly from EmEditor’s official page and then use the Lifetime Serial Key below after install. It is one of the best text editors and will make your life a lot easier when dealing with combo lists, proxy lists, config files, or any other text files.

Using macros is an easy and safe way to handle repetitive or tedious tasks and best of all you can view the macro file in your text editor to ensure nothing risky inside.

Check out the below macros so you can stop wasting your time checking bad lines in combos!

Below are some extremely helpful macros that will automate cleaning up your combo lists without having to deal with any risky downloads or external programs:

  • Remove junk combos from the list (i.e. hashed passwords, fake logins that only have 1-2 characters, usernames/emails that are more than 60 characters, emails less than 8 characters (since is already 9 characters before the actual email), combos that have multiple “:” separators on one line or junk characters in them, passwords less than 4 characters, passwords that are over 40 characters long since they are hashed and no good, etc).
  • Removes blank lines.
  • Remove duplicate lines.
  • Randomize your combos.
  • Many other items to cleanup your lists

This EmEditor macro will do all those actions, then save your combo, so all you have to do is click the macro and let it do everything for you.

Separate Macros for:

  • Change Mail/Pass to User/Pass combo lists (separate macro, so you can activate this only when you want it).
  • User/Pass cleanup like above, but specific to UserPass instead of MailPass.

For those who need Emeditor Lifetime Serial Key, use the below key:


This macro will clean your Email/Pass lists, as mentioned above:…CleanEMAIL_jsee

This macro will change your Email/Pass lists to User/Pass lists:…User_Combo_jsee

This macro will clean your User/Pass lists:…/CleanUSER_jsee

Explanation of lines in the macros:

  • The lines containing text like eeFindReplaceRegExp or FindBookmark are basically just searching fo the characters on the left and bookmarking those lines (highlighting) those lines for later.
  • The lines with ExecuteCommandByID(4589) are to delete the Bookmarked lines from your combo list since they are junk lines.
  • The lines with ExecuteCommandByID(4588) are to inverse the Bookmarked lines (to highlight the lines that are not bookmarked currently to remove them) since in those instances we are looking for lines that don’t contain @ or : in them since they should if Email logins or combos with passwords.
  • After everything, you’ll see some lines showing that it will shuffle all the lines to randomize your list (always good practice to do so).
  • Lastly, the bottom two lines are to delete duplicate lines, delete blank lines and then ExecuteCommandByID(4099) is to save the file, which will save it as the same filename it is now.

Hopefully, this helps you guys out. Enjoy :+1:


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@SaM how to use this file .jse extension ?? cannot use it in ubuntu