Chrome RDP | For For Everyone ⭐

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Hetzner Servers / 3GBps Downlink / 1GBps Uplink

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Thanks Chief Sam, you are indeed an angel

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what is the use of this?

For downloading stuff i think but idk

Here is the answer to your questions :no_mouth: I’m smart isn’t it :rofl:

This will not allow you to download anything. They come with some limitations, but you can use them to watch or browse the internet with your friends at high speeds.

i love it great give away

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Thanks SAM…

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unfortunately can’t install chrome extension

but, thanks SAM

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Love you buddy…! @SaM

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awesome share thanks op

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nice share thanks

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wow SaM nice one

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Appreciated @SaM Thanks for the share.

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Another superb share :heart:
can’t thank you enough.

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premium can create 1 room. don’t create limited or 10 room

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