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Buffered accounts with lifetime warranty, Invites from safe accounts, Pre-Orders for high level Trackers

___ After Sell Support & Warranty ___

New to Private tracker world? Looking forward to getting into the ones you looking for so long? Have a look on our List you’ll find almost everything you need at a cheap price & secure Delivery…

For Pricing & Payment Details PM @Mr.Brilliant

  • Pricing Range For Entry Level Private Trackers From $5-$20

  • Pricing Range For Mid Level Private Trackers From $20-$90

  • Pricing Range For High Level Private Trackers From $100-$500 Or Above…

For tracker reviews you can visit here >>> http://torrentinvites.org/trackerlist.php


Private Torrent Tracker Name Delivery Type
PassthePopCorn Invite
Empornium Invite/Buffered Account
REDacted Invite
GazelleGames Invite
Brokenstones Invite/Buffered Account
BeyondHD Invite/Buffered Account
32 Pag.es Invite
Orpheus Invite
Notwhat.cd Invite/Account
PixelHD Invite/Account
PrivateHD Buffered Account
TV-Vault Buffered Account
TVchaosUK Account
CGpeers High 10TB + Buffered Account
CGpersia Account
GFXpeers Account
CinemaGeddon Invite/ Account
U2.dmhy Buffered Account
Bibliotik Invite/Buffered Account
ExoticaZ Invite/Buffered Account
ThePlace Invite
TheGeeks Invite/ Account
Oppaiti.me Invite/Buffered Account
AvistaZ Invite/Buffered Account
AsianCinema Invite/Buffered Account
HDcorea Account
UHDbits Invite/Buffered Account
PornBay Buffered Account
PornBits Invite/Buffered Account
MySpleen Buffered Account
SportHD Buffered Account
LearnFlakes Invite
Blutopia Invite
Femdomcult Buffered Account
Mteam Invite/Buffered account
HDchina Buffered account
HDsky Buffered account
Secret-Cinema Invite/Buffered Account
Ncore Invite/Buffered Account
Ethor Invite/Buffered Account
TVstore Buffered Account
PT.upxin Buffered Account
TorrentBytes Buffered Account
Norbits Account
MyAnonaMouse Invite/Buffered Account
Superbits Buffered Account
Elite-Tracker Buffered Account
ChannelX Invite
Concertos Invite
Horrorcharnel Invite
Piratethenet Invite/Buffered Account
Anthelion Invite/Buffered Account
Nebulance Invite/Buffered Account
PixelCove Invite/Buffered Account
PolishTracker Invite
BakaBT Account
Cinematik Account
CinemaZ Invite/Account
Nostalgic/VHStapes Account
TeamHD Account
Greek-team Account
Beitai.pt Invite
BaconBits Invite/Account
FileList Invite
Bemaniso Invite
Bitseduce Account
Animetorrents Account
Concertos Invite
Retroflix.club Invite/Account
Retrowithin.com Account
AccrosstheTasman Account
Losslessclub Invite
Biztorrent Account
ElbitZ Account
ABtorrents Invite
HDtorrents Invite
Learnbits Invite
AudioNews Invite
Scenetime Invite
BitGamer Invite
T3nnis.tv Invite
Totallykids Account
Tasmanit.es Invite
CartoonChaos Invite
BitHumen Invite
TellyTorrent Invite
Desitorrents Invite
PotUK account
Tenyardtracker account
ProAudioTorrents Invite/Account
Speed.cd Account
Audionews Invite
MMA-tracker Invite/account
MMA-torrents Invite/Account
Racingforeveryone Invite/account
Racingfor.me Invite/account

Some Tracker’s Notes!

Bibliotik There are some things needed to maintain after selling one. So Selling this will be a mess. better avoid this one.

It’ll be pain. Needs to create a story about how he got invite & all. in Bibliotik staffs directly send message to user asking how they got it. even after that they disable if you send another invite. so its a pain plus risky. Dealing risky ones at the beginning of business won’t be good for reputation

Bitme org is dead since years now!

TheVault is the most desired e-learning tracker so invites rightnow not possible, even if its comes in stock, the price will be above $500

CGPersia Forum & CGPeers Both different in price too!

Mode of payment




Google Pay


Invites: All the Invites come from safe old account with good User Record…

Buffered Accounts: All Buffered Accounts come with mail, without mail ones have lifetime warranty that no details will be changed or altered…


How much is GazelleGames and bitgamer?


I Wanted filelist list invite.DM me the price.

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I Wanted file list invite. PM me the price.

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I want the following invite

Send me pricing and gpay



i want ThePlace invite whats the price?


Its dead since 2 years now!

Nope, out of stock!

What tracker would you recommend to get any book and research papers on theology?

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LearnFlakes would be better for IT related

I just bought some trackers and successfully registered on the websites. Great deal and good service!! Enjoying the good trackers now, especially LearnFlakes :heart_eyes:
Thanks Mr.Brilliant!

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how much is the invitation to RED?

I am looking for a torrent of high resolution music, sacd, vinyl, etc, what do you recommend and at what price?

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LearnFlakes Price? :slight_smile:



please Send me pricing.


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how much is Empornium invite?

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Which one would be good for finance stuff?


@Mr.Brilliant pls check your inbox


@Mr.Brilliant got my private tracker as I had ordered, thanks a lot!

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I asked for a BrokenStones invite a delivered as promised. I’m very satisfied and happy.

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