ChatGPT 4 | No Limits ⭐

ChatGPT 4 | No message limits :star:



This one is my personal favorite, other than the Telegram bot. Its a good share @Prometheus. For anyone facing issues with GPT4 facing heavy traffic, try creating own persona and using GPT-4 with it, usually fixes that problem.

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@Yogisultan what do you mean by “creating own persona” ? :thinking:

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This. You can click on that. Give the persona a meaningful name. The system will generate that persona based on the name. Also give it a description

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Hello and thank you for sharing with the community. I am getting this message after 5 questions. GPT-4 rate limit exceeded (>5 messages every 3 hours).
Time remaining: 167 minutes
So my question is : what am i doing wrong ? why is it not unlimited as you stated ? Thanks if you can help.

How do I adjust it to use GPT-4?

It’s 3.5 not GPT-4

Thank you very much.

Thanks for sharing - although it’s quite limited:

  • I can’t create a new persona (gives a generic error)
  • I can’t change GPT version
  • messages are invisible when the AI says some forbidden word

Yeah it’s GPT-4
Thanks anyways for the great share

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Okay everyone, please stop complaining and appreciate this share. It is GPT-4 as well as GPT-3.5, and you can choose between them using this option:

(the + button attached to input text box, then Model selection menu)

Also, it is not stated unlimited anywhere, its simply saying no limits. Althought you can send only 5 texts to GPT-4 from one account, you can simply create new account and share one chat to another and continue the chat there with GPT-4. It works amazingly.

I hope all of your doubts are clarified.


Doubts answered:
GPT-4: 5 messages limit

Then can’t provide this free service indefinitely. They are rate limiting to extend the time they can provide it for free.

It’s GPT-3.5. Not GPT-4

You have to select which model and persona you want to use from the + button.


I can’t create a persona.

Yes it doesn’t work all the time. They have also placed some limits for persona creation. Change the name of your persona, and provide a meaningful description to fine tune it. This method will work on your first or second try.

It doesn’t respond to my messages.

A horde of people are using this free service. The server will experience heavy loads. Take some time to give more prompts. Your persona may also not respond if you use vulgar language and profanity.
I can’t provide an example of that😏


GPT-4 rate limit exceeded (>5 messages every 3 hours).
Time remaining: 172 minutes

Thank you so much

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Thanks, Bro

Use gpt-4 and gpt-3.5 for free while it lasts.

How to run ?

  1. Download this repository
  2. Extract the files
  3. Open terminal in extracted folder
  4. Run pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Run python
  6. Go to localhost:5000

No need to create accounts manually, the script will autocreate and verify

For has a 5 message per 3 hour limit for gpt4, so you might have to switch accounts.

Actual Credits For gpt4 and gpt3.5 model:

  1. uesleibros-OpenGPT
  2. xtekky-gpt4free