Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt | 2022


What you’ll learn?

  • Beginner through intermediate Lean Six Sigma problem-solving strategies and concepts
  • Lean Manufacturing tools like Value Stream Mapping, OEE, Takt time, Cellular Manufacturing and SMED
  • Six Sigma tools like descriptive statistics, control charts, pareto analysis and capability analysis
  • Business finance tools like Breakeven Analysis, Cost of Quality, Economic Order Quantity, and Payback Period
  • Introductions to advanced strategies like Predictive Maintenance, Regression Analysis, Design for Assembly and Layered Process Auditing
  • Lots of downloadable Excel-based templates you can use at your own company
  • Advanced decision-making tools and approaches including Theory of Constraints, Change Management, Team Development and the value of Prototyping
  • A thorough overview of the best and most effective Lean Six Sigma Tools from a continuous improvement leader
  • Key concepts of Quality Engineering and Quality Management

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Happy learning!