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@Ze380y it doesn’t work for me!!!

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Quite a heck of redirets and per click earning you are making.
Thank but no thanks.
Make a video of using this netflix method please.


Use Universalbypass addon


Yeah I oftenly use but recently I’ve been working on few sites which detect Universalbypass. So I had to deactivate it.
BTW have you tried the netflix method?

Firefox is telling me that zip contains virus

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wow never heard of sites detecting universalbypass

Netflix methods most likely wont work
Netflix has a very tight security system…they patch their site regularly
u could try alternative apps for netflix like teatv, beetv etc

Sir its already Leaked but thanks for giving !

The Netflix method is using the proxies and combolists from to get an account It seem the idea is a little far fetched …not gonna work in my opinion. The only idea I have for Netflix hacking is using a carding method or to get some credit cards from deep web and use them to get free month trial and then repeat for next month

u also need premium proxies for it and depending on quality of combolist…it takes a lot of time
carding method also wont work coz they patch bins regularly
There is a cookie method but its temporary one
its best to buy frm crackers at low cost rather than go through so much trouble in my opinion

Right bro you know where I live to get free Netflix they just use credit cards I dunno where they get 'em from but they are illegal cards my bet is from the black market and just sign up for the free month then remove the payment method and sell the id for lesser like it’s 1800rs at my place but they sell it for 600rs(3.60)$ that’s like three times lesser the price I’ve been trying to get the cards myself from some place for some time though with no luck :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

ya ur right they buy in bulk generally frm darkweb via btc…i would not suggest u going there coz its highly illegal and there r many scammers on darkweb nowadays…for crackers its a business for them so they deal with them daily.
Those lists r generally sold by hackers who hv got the cc details via various methods like phishing,hacking websites,devices etc…
But still its not so easy to fool netflix like that
they blacklist such cards regularly
They battle this crackers everyday
Netflix is also considering accounts being locked to devices for this reason