Canva Pro Creator [ 100 % FREE] ⚡

This is a script that allows you to create1 month of Canva pro account without any hassle.
This is absolutely free so you don’t have to pay me anything, download and use it.

Anyway I must tell you that I don’t force you to download the script it’s your choice whether you want to be redundant or be efficient.

While programming the script I came to know that Canva is hell of a lot advanced site creating a bot against it is definitely not an easy task I swear that it took me over 18 constant hours to complete the script to this level. I sat to program it in the morning and it drifted me through the whole day and I felt like I won’t be able to create it to a level at which it should be called an automated script.

The reason of the difficulty :pleading_face: : The site is highly randomized , there are so many elements that get changed or come in different sequence, the id’s and class use to change for every user sign-up it’s like for every new user the elements of the site have a unique class and ids, using xpath is also not an option at many places because for that even to work you have to be sure that the layout of the site is going to be same.

So it’s your choice whether you want to download it or not but I’ve made it sure that I get supported

Here is the link of the file :tipping_hand_man: ( The link has been updated with minor bug fixes in the script)

An affiliate link, definitely but don’t worry this one is not annoying it will open 3-4 tabs of ads but you keep heading to the main tab complete the CAPTCHA and get to the downloader site follow the same process and VOILA :partying_face:.

The password of the file is (64 bit encrypted) dWJpdmxvZw==

1. Selenium
2. Chromedriver (Already comes with the file but if you are downloading it after some
months it may have got updated so make sure to put the newer one in the driver folder.

3. Python 3
4. Fast Indian IP ( It’s the least troublesome though no need to use the VPN keep an eye on the part when the script is going to fill the CC info, if the credit card is not selected make sure it is, you will get only 4 seconds to do that otherwise the script will crash)

No specific installation required until you have all the dependencies installed globally or unless you’re a nerd (*if you are, you know your chore man *) , now if you don’t know what that means then run the file, if it works

1. Then provide the input
2. Don’t touch the browser screens (It’s very important)
3. Do the task the script asks you which is just one
4. You don’t have to record anything everything will be saved in a text file.

Bugs so far :
This script will perfectly work for all the Indians who have good internet but for others do the above thing, make sure that Card is selected , only 4 seconds.

Note :
Don’t think that the script is complete I will keep working on the script and get it more advanced if I get a good response and not only that your recommendations are welcome. PM me.

While testing the script 3 accounts are created if you want you can use them otherwise delete the account’s folder



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Just in case someone wants a VT Result

Virustotal Result: 0/60


Just checked the code

Can confirm Safe to use

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how to crack the password


I think he meant base 64
The password of the file is (64 bit encrypted) dWJpdmxvZw==

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Yes that’s what I meant :smiley:

Password: ubivlog

Awesome work bro, but the script does not put in the credit card automatically.

had to manually generate one and put it there. rest works well.