Can't access my FB account

I just bought a new phone and in my last phone I had Google authenticator linked to almost every app in my phone and Now when my old phone’s is Broken, How can I login to my accounts again?

Use the same sim card on new device and start account recovery

Else contact google

Okay I’ll try and update you. but I’ve my GMAIL logged in then why do I recover the same account?I had set the Google authenticator for FB, Insta and etc. Now I can’t log into them, there’s no issues in logging in my Google account.

Oh doesn’t the google authenticator store your accounts details on the cloud and as a google service use gmail for logging in ? But this may not the way it works since if a hacker gets your gmail password + sim, he can get all your accounts free .I think your only hope may be restoring your old device or google team.
If only screen is broken, then you can use a mirroring app on PC to operate your device and access authenticator. I read you have to disable authenticator or save codes before using anywhere else.

if you are using your original id (not fake id)
now you can recover id by passport,national id etc.
i lost my account few months ago.
thank god for this new system i recovered it.

You’ll have to request each site individually to remove 2FA for your account.
And please use Microsoft authenticator, not the google authenticator. Because Microsoft authenticator lets you backup all your accounts. If the same thing happens again you’ll have a backup stored on the cloud and you won’t need to go all those setup processes.

Yeah I’ve submitted a account recovery form on FACEBOOK.