Can some one tell me if i upload my movies in one drive than microsoft will delete my account?

currently im using 1tb free storage trick

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So technically speaking you are allowed to backup and store any media that you legitimately own as long as it is for your own personal use and not for distribution and as long as the content is not prohibited. I don’t generally upload movies to OneDrive but I have had several thousand mp3 files on my account for several years and never had a problem.


thankyou for your reply so im just wanted my backup online and i will never share my movies to someone in this case what can you suggest me

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If it’s just for backup, you should be fine, but I cannot guarantee that. Sometime these companies don’t like to play by their own rules.

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Do it blindly, they would never trash anything or touch until unless you avoid sharing them to someone publicly or mislead them by sharing to gather traffic, so, if you’re about to make backup for personal use like watching them later under your account or download them to your local drive, it is totally fine and free to use.

Name the folder to Private and upload, also, try compression data which means compress movies and upload it will reduce size plus locks the filed to read read, i have more than 900gb of classic movies collection from the last 3 years on different drives, and they are where they were left by me :100:

Good luck!


thanks for your guide i will follow your suggestion