Can i recognize the specfic funality of wordpress website by any means?

i need help to extract the specfic funality of wordpress website is this possbile by anymeans?
how i can recognize the plugin used by the developer?

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Do you mean Functionality? Could you be more specific, maybe with the example you want to extract

this website has a funality of sell my car i think it is plugin which he is using i want to use the same plugin in my website but i dont know the name of the plugin is there any way i can find it?

Here’s a couple of ways you can see what technologies a website is using:
First : use an app called Wappalyzer, it has extentions for browser or you can use it from their website
When you done analyzing a website you can get an Idea on what their using to create it, scripting languages, CMS, web frameworks etc…

After that, If you want to know a specific thing about the website: you can use the Inspect tool in the browser by right clicking on the element you want to investigate.

In the example you gave: this website doesn’t use wordpress, therefor that’s not a plugin but rather just a call-to-action button that redirects you to a form where you can fill your info.

in wordpress, you can find plenty of plugins that do the same thing, check this list for example

or try to find your own using the same key words on google.

Hope this helped.

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thanks a lot