Can anyone tell me about Google My Business Instant Verification Trick

Hi Everyone

I was trying to find out the ways or tricks to approve Google My Business Instantly with any postcard. Due to COVID19 a lot of Google features are not working but still, peoples are doing listing through their Trusted Verifier account or via trick.

Please, share if anyone have an idea to do this.

Here are the steps you should take to try and verify without a postcard.

  1. Log into your GMB profile
  2. Select the “Pending Verification” option “I don’t have a code”
  3. Review your verification options
  4. Select the most convenient option for you
  5. Try verifying your business through Google Search Console
  6. Try reaching out to the Google Community or to GMB via Twitter
  7. Submit a ticket if your only option is postcard verification
  8. Work with the experts
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