Can anyone guide me in coding?

i’m a fresher and want to learn programming so that i wish i can see the beauty of coding and i think that eventually a programming language may become a language in which engineers speak and i really want not to be a leftover so,can anyone suggest me where to start exactly so that i may not regret about it later??


Programming languages will never be used for communication(speaking) in my POV. They were invented to solve problems on a computer. For human interpretation, the world is already full of plenty of languages.

Engineers/programmers/developers can understand each other’s code because they know the core components of the language in which a certain application was built, and why a certain component is used.

First decide what you want to program. Then, you’ll have some clarity on where to look for more details.

For example, you can be a web developer by learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript/PHP/Python.

Most languages also have various frameworks designed for specific purposes. Once you know the language, then head into learning a framework.

For tinkering with the hardware, look into more lower level languages like C.

Want to build software applications? Java, Python and JavaScript are great choices.

Mobile apps? React Native, Objective-C, Swift etc are great choices.

Automation? Start with python.

Whatever you chose, first learn the basics of programming. Start with primitive data types, conditionals, different operators, loops, functions, intermediate data types like arrays, objects, and then head over to advanced data structures and algorithms. Whatever language you chose to work with is basically a mixture of all these. So once you learn the basics, working with any languages is easy.


thanks for your suggestion and i was hoping for more like suggesting courses and book like stuff and one more thing is when i said programming language may become a language in which engineers speak that in near future where every aspect become IT related , a unique thing unites all the programmers or least of all creators in the world is a programming language, this is what i meant anyways thanks for your comment

You have made a wise decision. If you want to learn how to code

  1. Start with the end in mind. Are you going to build an app, website or a game?

  2. There is a much better language for your intention. I suggest Php+Javascript+Css if you’re making a website. Python if creating an app. Use Unity engine when making a game.

  3. Make sure your app is useful because this is how you get feedback and satisfaction from what you will make. Like your own website, blog, email newsletter, an interesting game, etc…

  4. Don’t get distracted with designs and beautiful code - as Bill Gates said, keep it short, simple and stupid, also known as the Minimum Viable Product. As long as what you code does its work, that’s a huge step forward.

  5. Of course, get your tools from

Good luck and happy coding.

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thanks for your advice broo , i want to start coding to get into AI as it is the next big thing!

Take a look at this video. It is quite long though but highly informative. Machine learning is a subset of AI. Machine Learning Engineer Roadmap.

Since you are a complete beginner, my advice to you is to start getting in the habit of writing code. Start from web development. You can always transition to learning AI and other such stuffs. But first, take your baby step.

Take video lessons first. Books are helpful when you want to get deep knowledge of the subject, which you must after getting comfortable in writing code. The end goal of programming (or writing code) is to solve real-world problems.

There are many video resources to learn from, some are paid while some are free. Note that free doesn’t translate to low quality. In fact, YouTube is gold mine for such resources.

  1. Learn from Freecodecamp
  2. Visit Freecodecamp’s YouTube channel. Freecodecamp YouTube Channel

Reply to this post if you need any more help.

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thanks @sksundram for everyword in your reply and if you wish to share any more with me i’m blessed for sure

I could have shared a lot more resources but it would have totally confused you. freeCodeCamp is a great free resource to learn web development. Right now, you need to focus on one thing only and that is to get in the habit of writing code. Check out this page. List of freeCodeCamp certifications. They even have a machine learning certification of almost 300 hours. So don’t worry about learning everything right now.

Web development, mobile development, machine learning, data analysis, etc are like large jigsaw puzzles. You won’t be able to solve it right now but with experience you will one day. I know, buzzwords like AI attract a lot of newcomers but you don’t know what are the requirements to excel in these. There’s a lot of math, statistics and algorithms involved.

Just signup for freeCodeCamp and start from lesson one. That would be my advice for you now.


okayy broo , thank you sooo much.

but some are saying to start with python, is it good to start initially with python ?

Yes. Python is a multi-purpose programming language i.e. it is used in a variety of cases like web development (back-end), machine learning (AI), game development, etc. It is also quite easy to learn. To communicate with a Tamilian, one need to have a good understanding of Tamil. Similarly, each language is used depending on the application you want to develop or maintain.

Check out this course on YouTube. Python Tutorial for Beginners. The instructor (Mosh Hamedani) is one of the best. You will just fall in love with his teaching style. It would be a good idea to subscribe to his channel.

Also subscribe to these two channels

  1. Great Learning - machine learning, data science, Python, etc
  2. Sentdex Channel - everything related to Python and its use cases
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thanks for everything broo , this community grows when guys like you help us @sksundram