Bullying On Social Media | What To Do If You’re Bullied


If you were born before the 21st century, you might not quite comprehend what social media bullying entails. Most adults only know of physical bullying where the big or elder kid harasses the small ones. Well, times have changed and so has bullying.

Online bullying among kids has become so rampant that schools in the US have decided to take action. We have many schools teaching kids how to deal with online bullies and what to do in case you are bullied. The schools are also trying to look for ways on how to stop bullying completely.

How to Deal with Bullies on Social Media

Bullying that happens on social media is just as harmful as other forms, and sometimes, it is worse. That is attributed to the fact that people can reach you, no matter where they are or what they are doing. This essay will highlight some tips on what to do if you’re bullied online.

1. Unfriend and Block Social Media Trolls

If someone is threatening, trolling, or bullying you on social media, block that account from your timeline immediately. You don’t have to accept crap and nonsense from anybody online. If someone offends you in any way on social media, the best thing to do is lock them out of your page.

It is one effective way of how to stop bullying on social media platforms. Remember, you are in control of your account.

2. Keep Your Private Information Private

You don’t have to share everything about your life on social media. Vital information such as birth date, home address and phone number are some of the revelations you should avoid making on social media platforms. Bullies can take advantage of this readily available information to plot against you.

When writing an argumentative essay on bullying, you need to highlight the need to keep personal information private. Check out this bullying essay for other aspects that you need to highlight in your research paper about cyberbullying. It focuses on what you need to do in case you come across a bully online.

3. Report Serious Threats to the Authorities

When you feel that some online trolls and threats are too serious, it is wise that you report them to high authorities. There are many argumentative and educative essays about how to report online tormentors while keeping yourself safe; read them. This can help you identify when and how to report online trolls and tormentors.

You don’t have to report all the bullies; you can assume some mean comments and remarks. However, never ignore a threat that is directed towards your well-being or that of your family. Report to the school or the police department.

4. Save Evidence of Any Threats or Harassment

I once came across a research paper that encouraged people who suffer online torment to save the evidence. Take screenshots and back up details of any threats or incriminating messages from online bullies.

By doing so, you get substantial information to support your case when you report it to the authorities. This ensures that action is taken as soon as possible since you have a probable cause for alarm.

5. Confide in Someone You Trust

You need to find an adult you trust and narrate your experience. It can either be your teacher, older sibling, or parent. If you speak up, you will probably get the help you need to overcome the bullying. Waste no time; speak up immediately the bullying happens.

6. Don’t Respond Violently to Mean Messages or Threats

To stop cyberbullying, do not take part. Two wrongs have never made a right. Responding to online threats with a threat makes you an online bully, too; would you like that? If yes, then don’t ask, “why do people bully others?” because you are one of them.

7. Get Off the Internet

If social media and text bullying are too much, you can switch off your phone or computer and focus on other things. Sometimes, focusing on the negative comments and trolls can make you hurt or feel beat down. It can affect your self-esteem negatively.

Getting off the internet allows you to remain calm and rise above the tormentors trying to ruin your spirits. It is called being the bigger man.

Final Thoughts

It is important that we fight social bullying to the end. Bullying of this kind affects kids and adults alike. Learning how to deal with it and end it is an excellent way to protect yourself and maintain your inner peace of mind.