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Brisk Commissioner | Youtube Niche & Network!


So lately I’ve been getting into ‘reviewing’ stuff on YouTube (and on my niche sites) to make $ and I thought I’d make a tutorial to show you how I’m doing it.

I’ve been setting up channels where I personally review all sorts of gear in all sorts of niches (both physical and digital products) and I’ve even been branching out to work with other YouTubers to help them to start up review channels too… and basically what I’m finding is that this simple approach can be extremely profitable if you’re willing to put the time and effort into doing it properly.

And I’m not talking about those terrible review sites with the stock graphics and poorly worded articles that have probably just been copy pasted straight off the Amazon site. I’m talking about actually buying the products, trying them and doing a real video review on YouTube along with a blog post with actual footage of the product in action.

But why am I taking all of this extra effort to buy the products and to make video reviews as opposed to just using stock images and articles?

Two reasons:

  1. They convert insanely well. Nothing beats a real review where you can actually see that the person really has bought and tried the product and as a result these types of videos convert extremely well… even for higher end products costing $500+ allowing you to get $50 commissions, $100 commissions and even higher.

  2. The competition is next to nil. So few people are actually willing to step away from their computer for a moment to properly review a product and then go on camera that it means that those who ARE willing to put in the effort are able to rank and bank with ease.

Before I get into the ‘how to’ portion of this post though here’s a quick example of how profitable these videos can be.

The following is an income shot I just grabbed that comes from just ONE review video of a physical product that has nothing to do with the ‘internet marketing’ niche.

As you can see the commissions are nice and healthy, they’re regular, and it just comes in on autopilot once the video is up and ranking.

And when you consider that I’ve got dozens of videos like this in all sorts of niches it starts to add up pretty quickly.

Download PDF

Happy learning!

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