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Brand Style Guide Kit is an easy-to-use, done-for-you brand book template that has everything you need to deliver branding projects successfully, grounded in decades of experience.

How can you increase the value of what you do?

If you’ve seen our content, you know that value lies in the eye (and wallet) of the purchaser: your clients. There are many ways we can influence their perception of value. But one easily stands out: learning how to present and deliver work professionally.

How can you make sure your work looks great… even after you hand it off to clients?

Seeing our work in the wild, poorly designed, is easily our worst nightmare. Delivering beautiful work professionally, though, doesn’t always prevent that nightmare from becoming a reality. There’s no guarantee things will always be perfect, but having guidelines in place helps things get done well.

The key is to set your clients—or the design team—up for success.

When you work in or on brands, your goals should be to future-proof the quality of your branding design work, provide more value to your clients, and get everyone from internal teams to external clients on the same page. Are you ready for an easy way to accomplish this?

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