[BOT] Windscribe VPN Trial Account Creator | no selenium required


I have been making a lot of crack configs the last few days and suddenly this came to my mind. Windscribe VPN provides 10 GB free bandwidth to Trial verified users! This bot helps create these trial accounts fast.
This bot is just a testing script. It does not verify the email on its own. I had made a similar config(not in python) which verifies the email on its own saving you a hassle. Might come in future updates!


.exe & Source file added in the zip.


  • No special requirements. Just needs python and pip installed.
  • A proxy file.


  • Does not require any browser or selenium. Open the install requirements.bat file to install all the requirements! Then open Windscribe.py.
  • I have provided a proxy file which will work for a few days. If more required go to https://proxy-daily.com/ and copy all the HTTP/HTTPS proxies and paste in proxies.txt file.
  • If you are using this bot for the first time, and you are creating only 1 account have enabled the no proxy option then it will work well. But, WindScribe does not let the same IP to create multiple accounts for 1 to 2 days. So if you are getting "Failed" then use a VPN or enable Proxies!
  • If you are creating multiple accounts the bot is automatically set to Proxies On mode! You know the reason!
  • (NO LONGER REQUIRED)You need to verify the email on your own. Go to https://www.cs.email/ and set your username in the email portion. I don’t know how many days they keep the emails but in case its gone login your Windscribe Account and reverify the email!
  • All Account details are saved in ACCOUNTS.txt file.

Bugs so far:

Not that I know of. It's your job to find bugs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I solve the bug!


  • Auto Email Verification Added.2020-04-17T00:00:00Z.
  • .exe added. Compiled by @Code.404
  • ProxyScrape option added in source & .exe

Future Updates:

@own_idea had made a ProtonVPN bot. After this, I will try my hands on the ProtonVPN Trial.


Inspiration from :- @own_idea & @dydx 's bots!



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I got error “moduleNotFoundError: no module named ‘parse’
Line 7, in from parsr import *
Any solution for this?

No doubt bro, you are amazing :clap::clap::clap::sparkling_heart:
not yet testest… i will soon update :v::v:

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Please delete the line from parse import * at the 7th line of the code. It was not removed after debugging the code!
Links updated to latest versions!


Wow… Works like a charm. :heart_eyes:

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I was thinking about generalizing the code, making different payloads working from the same base!
Meaning is that this code carries module for only WindScribe. I was thinking about a script for making trial accounts of all VPNs which provide free trials. So you never run out of them!

What I need is to collect the names of VPN services which provide trials without a captcha signup. I have collected a few like:



.it’s very fast…and works perfectly fine
good luck bro eagerly waiting for your next update !


love you man keep up the good work

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Good job man very nice script. Keep up the good work

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Work perfectly! Thanks for sharing.

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  • Auto Email Verification Added. No need to manually verify emails. Use put in credentials and start using the 10 GB bandwidth.


  • Some might face long wait time issues. That's because of low-quality proxies. But, that doesn't mean Public Proxies doesn't work, it just takes more time.

@JovialH4ckr This guy stole your work.

I Found this:

And this should be his account on this Onehack


Thank you @Code.404 for the notice. I will see to this immediately.

Thank You for standing up for me in the thread there. I appreciate your honesty. :heart:

He shared the previous version of the bot lol. How will he post the newer version. Making a fool of himself.
Not giving credits is one thing; but Not giving credits and passing it as entirely your work.. It hurts a little.


even this source code is just around 200 lines but I know you spend much time on it. I will convert your code to exe.


Man what I find funny is that he didn’t even make an effort to modify the post, much less the code. I never barred anyone from sharing the code but this is not sharing it is fraud!


Did you report him? I reported already.

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Yeah! reported it. Lets see what the community says.

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I believe admin will warn him. you should report to Onehack’s admin also. stole unique content to other forum should be ban.


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