[BOT] [TESTED] Udemy Coupon Grabber & Course Enroller: Grab FREE Coupons!

Are you thinking how to automatically enroll a free course to your Udemy account?
Well, I got a solution for you!

Requirement: Udemy account
Note: Before using this delete all saved creditcards/Payment Methods or its will drain all your money. (Not all the udemy courses are free)

This is not maked by me. Its maked by fakeid30 on github.
Github Repo: Repostories (Update will be there)

First of all, Lets download the required thing.

You need python 3.8.0+. If your python version is under that, uninstall the currenct version and download the latest version

Automatic Udemy Enroller (Important)

After you’ve downloaded both, Lets get into the process

  1. Extract the rar files.

  2. Open the folder and run requirements.py or open command prompt then specify your Automatic udemy enroller and then do python requirements.txt (Make sure you’ve add python to PATH and install pip).
    Install requirements

  3. Let it install the requirement to run the program.

  4. Choose your browser (In my case is chrome)

  5. Enter your udemy email.

  6. Enter your password (Its invisible)

  7. Enter your zipcode (just type random zipcode)

  8. Choose your laguanges and category (Press enter if you choose all laguange and category)

  9. Choose to save your settings or not.

  10. Its will automatically scrape udemy links from tutorialbar

  11. It will automatically enroll free course for you! (If the bot recognize the course is paid or already enrolled, the bot will skip it).

This is for education purposes only. I not responsible if something happened in your computer, Broke something by the code, Drained your saved creditcards/Payment methods.

Important note: If its not working, Upgrade your pip and requests. also if the website recognize you using automatic software to browse the sites, Complete the captcha and press enter in the terminal.

If you have any issues let me know.


It will Help the whole forum.'

Thanks for sharing Bro :heart:


Method working for me

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thanks bro its working

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Thanks a lot.

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Great Working :heart_eyes:

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How to stop script at a specific page and enroll from those scraped pages


I dont sure how, But i think you can edit the program to do that

Coupon base enrollment will be expired after some days though some coupon works. Good but not best way. :relaxed:

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Can udemy account suspend

Im used it about 3 weeks and my udemy account is not suspended. When the website suspect you as a bot complete the reCaptcha and press enter in terminal so the bot can continue. I think the udemy would not suspect your udemy account

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Working !! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Does it enroll to the premium courses also? I mean like this picture below.

Firefox shows Error: Forbidden after scraping for sometime.

@Darkness_Prince Its based on the website that the tool scrap (tutorialbar.com) so i dont know it will scrap premium courses or not

@adithxv Check out the new version of the tool in Github. Maybe it will solve your problem. Im using chrome and its all fine.

I have a problem, doing the steps, I sent you a message,

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Is there any way that I will give the course link and it will apply coupon on it?

I used this version Github and manually update requirements.txt with the pip install command
and it’s working normally, I’m currently with 361 courses and going up every second

How to do you skip pages to scrap?

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