[BOT] For LA Harbor College .EDU mail | Get Onedrive, Office365 & much more |


Just a simple bot to Create LA Harbor college edu mail
Download LA-harbor script => Here
[now supports Mac and Linux]

My experience with these comunity college says! if you use some good quality VPN
and where location is nearby college or nearby state…
higher chances you get acceptance letter


  1. Chrome
  2. Python
  3. Selenium
  4. USA VPN


  1. Download Chrome: https://www.google.com/chrome/
  2. Install Python: https://docs.python-guide.org/starting/installation/#installation-guides
  3. Upgrade pip: https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/installing/#upgrading-pip
  4. Install Selenium: pip install selenium
  5. Run Bot/Script: python run_me.py

Bugs so far

Not yet detected…but please report if you found any!

@archduke for linux/mac support
@JovialH4ckr for Dot-trick :rofl:



why the mail split with point

what’s your gmail-ID ?


hmm…expected …dot trick has some limitation …
if your username is “without dot” then only it permute different combinations of “Dot” with it

but username with already a dot … permutations will be dot of dot which is disaster…simply would not work
just try it different id

I tried with something else

show whole traceback

i’m Positive and 100% sure …scrpit is running perfectly fine …

here it just successfully ran and submitted


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Yes bro. Your script works flawlessly. The error arises as a result of inputing an email address with dot in it thereby generating multiple dot trick email accounts. For example using, [email protected] will return an error. I used LA in my VPN but it went without hitches when is used Miami. Now waiting for my acceptance email.

Weldone Bro @dydx :clap: :ok_hand: :+1: :muscle:

Guys ensure you use an email without any dot before the .com

Here is the initial error i got when i used a dot in my email.


i tested with [email protected]

the same error

He crached here

Thank you very much @Waga for the confirmation ! really appreciate !

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yesss…i’m figuring it out ! just i’m running it with your ID

Thank you @dydx

I did get the same error. But there is an easy fix. Whenever the bot opens the chrome browser maximise the window.
Or @dydx can edit the code to always run google chrome in maximise mode.

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the same problem if i maximse the browser

Try using the answers over here to solve the problem. If maximizing is not the problem then the delay after which buttons become clickable is. You can sort it out in your code!

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can you try add this line in harbor.py on line 116

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the same as the previous

dont worry im trying solve it…let some more people have same problem then i’ll update it…

@JovialH4ckr yess … thank you thats great information…i knew something is going wrong… NotTraceableException occur… means not found what it supposed to click

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