[BOT] Discord Nitro Gift Code Checker


Have you ever had a list of Discord Nitro gift codes and you are tired of checking if the codes work?
This python script automates the process for you. It checks every code on the list and if any works it gets applied.


  1. Python 3 and PIP(Installation)
  2. Chromedriver(included in zip)

How to Run

  1. Copy and paste all the codes in the codes.txt file.
  2. Double click to open nitrochecker.py
  3. After completing checking the result will be shown on the console. Copy and use.

Bugs so far

  1. Sometimes give the wrong result caused by long loading time. In that case, copy all the success codes and make a new list and retry.
  2. Might Hang up sometimes so I don’t recommend a very large list.


If the window suddenly closes or does not run that means you have not fulfilled the requirements. I have edited the code so that people running other than windows os might not have a problem with the chromedriver. If by any case you are running Mac or Linux it doesn’t work then you can run the versions dedicated for Mac or Linux.
I cannot guarantee 100% successful outcome so don’t start a blame game. You are free to edit and improve the code.


I have provided a list of codes(500000). Try out your luck might find one.




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Can you post an alternative download like mega.nz or mediafire, or zippyshare? can’t download from the above link.

Thanks for the share.

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Mirror - Link


Thanks for the link…





I’ve made a small desktop app in c# for those not familiar with python they can try this one :slight_smile:

Its very simple, download, unzip, run DiscordGiftCodeChecker.exe

Bad codes will be saved to a file named bad.txt
Good codes if any will be saved to file named good.txt

If you stop and start again or close and start again it will continue from where it stopped.

To make it more interesting it will not check codes in the file order, it will pick a random code to try since the list of codes is pretty big, the chances of landing on a good one if any is bigger or so I hope :wink:

The browse will show up in the middle of the white portion of the app so you can see it working, at the bottom there is a status so you can see which code its checking.

That’s it.

If the discord link fails to load it will retry after 30 seconds, sometimes it may get stuck loading the page due to the speed is querying the pages.

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Thank you, i havent python installed and its much easier that way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: