Boost Your Snapchat Score Using Your (Jailbroken) iPhone!

This method will require:

  • A JailBroken iPhone (doesn’t matter if semi-untethered or fully untethered) that is not A12 (e.g not iPhone XR, XS or XS Max)
  • A SnapChat account
  • Some time
  • an IQ above 30

First of all, you’ll need to head over to Cydia and open your Sources tab.
Click on the “Modify” and then Add Source
Add this repo :

Next up, you’ll need for “AutoTouch Cracked”
Make sure you’re installing the latest version if there’s multiple instances of that tweak (at the moment, 5.1.5)

You’ll then need to respring your iPhone
You now have AutoTouch on your springboard, search for the app (there’s nothing in settings)

Once you’ve opened the app, head over to the Settings tab at the bottom, and then go under “License”
If everything is alright you should see that your License is downloaded and that your current device is activated.
Keep in mind that everytime you’ll respring/restart/rejailbreak your iPhone, you’ll need to go back to that License tab.

Then, go back to the Store tab and scroll all the way down to find “SpamChat v1.2” (it is shown as paid, but you don’t need to pay for it)
Next up, go to snapchat and add bottable/celebrities accounts
You should add names like “aaa” “bbb” “ccc” and so on.

Once you get around ~100 “bottable” accounts, take a picture (of anything, I just put my phone down and it takes “black pictures”), you’ll need to manually select each bottable account
Keep in mind to check if you don’t add your buddies to that list, as you’ll probably spam them for a thousand or so snaps
When you selected them all, send them the first snap.

If you try sending another snap afterwards, you’ll see that you don’t need to select them 1 by 1 as there will be a “Last Snap” option, the bot will use that option to spam the heck out of these afk accounts.

Then, hold down the “Volume Down” button, you’ll be prompted with a “AutoTouch” tab, just click the “SpamChat v1.2.ate”
Once you click it, you’ll have a confirming tab, turn on the “Send Snaps” and click Confirm.
Now afk and play a shitty game and meanwhile your iPhone will permaspam snaps.
Note: I made ~66k by 10 mins, I botted 3 hours at 0.5 speed and went from 20k to 238k
You shouldn’t abuse that to the point of making it run 24/7
Also, make sure to close EVERYTHING before running the bot or your iPhone will heat up a bit.

NOTE: This will make you ~400k points an hour, nothing too crazy but can help if your friends are bragging on how low your score is.


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