Blocking all ads in safari by using VPN. Is it possible?

Hey guys!

My friend has got an old iPad. As I can remember it is Gen 1 or 2. So I can’t install any software or game from AppStore cause the system is outdated, and he don’t wanna jailbreak it. He want to stop YouTube ads, Facebook ads , etc… So mabey is there any solution for him? Mabey a VPN or DNS, what does not require any software to use it? Any solutions for him?

Thanks guys! I hope my English was understandable.


You can install an adblocker at your Router Level using a raspberry pi…

Linus from LTT Made an Video about that If I remember correctly


Hmmm It’s bit complicated for me, cause we dont have Rasberry Pi :frowning: Is there any easier way?

I’m not sure the version of iOS installed allows you to change the DNS settings. If you can change the DNS then point it to AdGuard DNS for simple ad blocking.

If you can’t do it on the iPhone then you can change it on your home router. Just look at the configs for DNS.


Nice thank you so much dude! We will try it :smiley:

If available install adguard it will block all youtube ads, Facebook ads, website ads pretty much everything by using VPN

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You can use NextDNS, they have many option of filtering trafic, just like bunch of list of adblock, I use this on my desktop and phone, I dont need adblock anymore
create your free account and select the ads filter

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