Block Facebook Ads On Android Phone Incl. Block Facebook Mid-Video Ads!

Facebook is the Giant social network where peoples touch with each other to update their daily status for what’s going on their life. So if you are Facebook user’s you must annoying to see the uninterested Video Ads which suddenly comes, Then, you have to wait for commercial annoying ads before watching our desire video, Get rid of them…

Moreover, there are many Ad0blocker apps works to block the mid-video ads on Android in the Facebook app, but IF you are using the FREE version of ad blocker that his own commercial ads to use this app, If you are using Premium Ad-blocker app without seeing ads then you need to purchase this app.

But, unfortunately, There are truly minimum apps cover the block annoying ads on Facebook, but, Today I’m sharing you such a Great and Free tricks where you can block/remove annoying ads without any issue.

Remove Annoying Ads

  1. First of all, you need to Open the Facebook App on your Android Device.
  2. Now, go on and start playing videos until you stumble upon the one which has that annoying mid-video ad.
  3. We all know that before the mid-video and starts an animated circle appears in the left corner. It says ‘Ad starting soon’.
  4. Here’s the trick to dodge the mid-video ad. As soon as that circle appears, click on ‘Comments’ and open a random ‘Profile’ from the comments section.
  5. Once, the Profile loads completely hit the back button to go back to the video. Tada! your video will start from where you left.

This SHIT works, :crazy_face: I have tried it and it worked perfectly. Why would we wait for the ad to finish while we having limited time to hang on with friends or family, Must try! and you can also try this on Windows Operating Systems.

Check out the Bonus Video Tutorial Block Facebook ads using APPS: