Blackhat Google AdSense Trick | How to Make Big Money From Adsense

Is there a BIG secret to the huge Adsense checks? Yes, you’ve seen those screen shots of 5-figure Adsense earning … so have I. And that made you thinking, why are some people earning those huge income, and you are not.

Whatever people may say, I only see these are the only factors that make the difference between your earning and those ‘big-guns’.

One popular misconception about Adsense is that you need TONS of traffic to make money with the program.

Yes, traffic do matter, but that’s not the money pot.

And yes, putting your Adsense in a special way can be the difference between 1% click-through rate (CTR) and 10% CTR.

We’ve been there. We’ve done that. It doesn’t make your bank account pop.

So, what does?

In this guide, I exposed a very blackhat strategy for getting a massive share of Google’s billion dollars cake.

No, it’s not content cracking.

No, it’s not traffic arbitrage.

No, it’s not high cpc mumbo jumbo.

It’s something different. It’s something advanced.

Dive into this content and discover the backdoor to Google’s insane stash of moneyyy.

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Happy learning!


Nice share, thanks a lot :+1:

I really appreciate but I know it’s an old method that is no longer working

I’m excited to check this out! Thanks for this share, @PlayBoy83!