Bins meaning?

Can someone explain google play bins
I found someone posting a google play bin here
Google Play Store
Bin : 489504373578xxxx
:outbox_tray: | IP: USA :us: credit to itiseasy
Does this mean I can use this pin to purchase google play apps?

Nope you can use these for only apps with FREE TRIALS you cant purchase any app


BIN means Bank identification number. It is first four to six digit number that appears on your credit/debit helps to access the payment card transactions.
& no you cant use bin for purchasing apps or making in-app purchases Only for apps or website with free trails


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U can do any thing with BINs, U can purchase, U can avail trails.
Hint: Use BIN, generate Live CC, Get match CVV, Authorize it and Boom u got that.
Requirements: Patience, Try Try Try Try and Try.


rightly said

You should Search to get the answers!