BINS | Fresh Multifunctional

Bin : 519472xxxxxxxxxx
Bin working on
✓Prime Video ( Uk )
✓CrunchyRoll + VRV
✓Lumosity Lifetime Access

Will Work on other Sites too…

That’s it~



nice bro working on lumosity lifetime

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u r awesome bro !! worked for me for tidal 6 mnths subscription

I always try tidal and I get 3 months. How did you get the 6 months??


Does this BIN work for skillshare? Thanks

Why won’t your try out yourself instead of shouting out here, try it update here and let others know.

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Hey, im really curious to know how you got a lifetime account. I mean, bins are used to get free trials right? Please correct me if im wrong.

I have the same Q let me know thanks man.

I think registering the account and do the trx on the lifetime? does it work that way?

Thanks, works for Lumosity and Headspace. Any other websites which can work?

How did you do for lumosity? I tried but it did not work?

try lifetime plan with the bin

Naah it did not work. it says:

Your card was declined. If you feel that you’ve received this message in error, please call your bank to resolve the issue.

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sorry maybe its patched now

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How to use it? can anyone help me

its working for lumosity I tried it yesterday.

Worked for me!

How? Please help me

FYI only: Doesn’t work for Packtpub…

could you tell me how you registered for Lumosity.

For Lumosity you can easily find a premium apk