[BIN] Youtube Premium

Bin for Youtube Premium
Bin: 51111421103xxxxx
Date: 05/25
IP: India
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Working! :partying_face:

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Hey man.!
My card was declined. Can you help me how you did it?

Using Indian IP:

Transaction declined: invalid payment method. Learn more [OR-CCSEH-05]


Make sure to use the month and year given above while generating at namso-gen.com.
Go here http://zoners-gen.ml/ccn/
Pick up the live ones and paste them.
P.S. No VPN used. Also try 3-4 live cards if one fails. Hope this helps.!
Below attached is the proof:


someone please help me, always reject.

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stick to what @kornbolt said…he already explained the details :smiley:

Thank you for sharing.
How can I use this methode if I’m not from India and can’t use VPN ?

I highly recommend you to use vpn (free vpn’s will also work) but you can try live cards without vpn it may work :grin:

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Couldn’t get it. I think it’s the india zip that’s screwing me up.

@Darksaviour What should i give for Credit Caard name?

anything xD

@Darksaviour Bro it asks verification code!

@uchiha_Itachi1 try another live card

this never works for me.
I am using India IP and that date also. But I get trasfered to Youtube premium of Emirates.
I don’t know why.
NOTE: I checked my IP, it was Indian and I used NordVPN.
Any help?

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It worked !

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I have tried 20 times, but no one is working.

It was the same for me

It worked, thank you!!

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thanks. work it.