💳 BIN Tidal 6 Months

BIN: 53676858xxxxxxxx
IP: Uk
link click here
tested and work


Thanks Man

Its work thanks man

BIN not working anymore. Great share though.

i can confirm that. not working for me either

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Bin is still working for Premium Subscription. Make sure you use live cc from https://www.mrchecker.net/card/ccn2/


I have used that but still it is not happening. Guess I am unlucky.

not working

it worked for me got 2 accounts with 6 month of free premium.

It did not work for the last 12 hours as far as I know.

thanks bro.
work it.

UPDATE : 53676858xxxxxxxx
tested and working

Confirmed. Working fine.

why my payment method is gettig rejected always ???

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i have the same

The voucher code is working though, it should be working for the next 2 months at least. A valid UK bin is required only for now.

what if i use my paypal with my temporary card , like hdfc which has zero balace ??? It should work right???

There could be an issue with your country.

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i am from india

This offer is only applicable in UK.