[BIN] Tidal 6 Months 180 days


USA 10021

Url: https://offer.tidal.com/campaigns/5da73b432789e600115b2c34/products?geo=US&campaignId=5da73b432789e600115b2c34#couponxoo


offer expired boss @SaM

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thanks I have created one.

use US IP
I have created just now.

Thanks bro !

thanks but I am facing this issue now
Note: Cards are live

I confirm that’s work like a charm with VPN - IP USA

Thank’s so much !!!

Thanks Got it.
I had to clear cookies.

Everything works just fine.

Awesome Mate !!!

Works like a charm!

Keep up the work.

Awesome Mate !!!
Everything is working fine!!

Its working!

It’s working, if you are getting “offer Expired” message then switch to USA VPN and continue

still working!

which you use bin generator i am using nam so
but failed for payment

check if bins are live http://zoners-gen.ml/ccn/

Live also not working

Worked as charm. Thaanks… :smiley:

BiN 513458 is for indonesia how its work for us 10021

BiN just for link card in acc not for a discount