BIN | Spotify Premium

BIN : 40606821xxxxxxxx
IP ; USA :us:
ZIP ; 10010
Note :memo: ; First SIGNUP & then go to Premium and choose Family plan!

Enjoy! :+1:


thank you its work :ok_hand: :v:

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Thanks Sam! Working! :slight_smile:

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These don’t work for more than a week for me. After that my a/c is reverted back to normal. Is it just me or happens with y’all too ?

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It’s not working for me. Which bin generator did you guys used?

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neither worked for me…:pensive:

Hello, I used this sites to generate cards – >
And this one to Validate what is live to be used -->


A little doubt here… What spotify assume by Zip Code… Zip code of IP address used or Credit Card issued Zip Code

Your IP address must be US or it will not work… Use VPN if you are not from USA… then this “ZIP ; 10010” You will enter upon payment along with card details. Choose Family Plan or else it will not work.


It is working thaks

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not working. Tried with nordvpn.
Something went wrong. Try again, or [get help]

it’s not working .I used vpn of USA .I even checked the card if it’s dead or not .It says something went wrong.

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It worked for me but I want to cancel, how can I do that please ?

Is this legal? I have tried this for the first time in my life and I didn’t feel good. Yes, it worked and I got premium, but I already CANCELLED the Premium account? Can I come across any federal issue or any legal consequence?

Please reply, I’m FREAKING OUT!!!

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Thank you, I get this guide, but I plainly used a VPN (cracked). Now, Am I in trouble? What should I do?

If you want a VPN you can go to

  1. Translate page
  2. Enter email
  3. Then you will get all product of Avira + Avira Phantom VPN.

I don’t need a VPN. I already have a VPN, but I just wanna know is making premium account like this - Can I end up in JAIL with this thing/method?

No man, I gave you the guide link what have you read then if your questions still remain?.
You used VPN, and used the bin, that’s it enjoy the rest. nothing that serious. if you still have doubt then leave it mate. thanks.

I learned this about 6 months ago and I am still using it