BIN question

Hi everyone!
What are the chances to find by yourself a useful BIN number?
Do you know the rules, how to find that BIN?
Is it possible to do it by yourself or I will only wast my time?

Thank you in advance.

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Let’s make it easy…

See those options here > --

Two of them are very helpful, FAQ & Search.

FAQ: It will let you know the most of things that you should know before getting started, what we allow to ask, what we allow to request and what we do not, Result > No one gives a Damn to click on it and Read.

Search: Use keywords, basic ones, play with keywords, You will definitely get the solutions, somehow, if you find nothing, I mean nothing Zero then create a topic to ask.
Check this out: (A wording can solve your question) there are still many topics available.

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Anyway, this is not only for you, This is for everyone who does this thoughtlessly, Because, many peoples not cooperating with us, that’s weird. But I hope one day you might be, no hard feelings.



Ok.Thanks for your hint. :+1:
I will be back.

Very nice! :+1: Useful for all new ones!