[BIN] Multifunctional (Scribd, GoDaddy, Prime, Soundcloud etc)

BIN Multifunctional

Last working date : 21/5/2020

Tried for Scribd :

BIN : 655060

:black_small_square:GoDaddy Smartline
:black_small_square:Prime Video (Uk​:uk:)
:black_small_square:Hooq TV
:black_small_square:Jio Saavn
:black_small_square:Lynda or LinkedIn


how to use that BIN. Pls drop a quick tutorial.
thanks for sharing

I have used Nord VPN on US location then, https://namso-gen.com for CC generates. and then http://zoners-gen.ml/ccn. And I have been used 18 CC from live list.
Am I missing something bro!cause none of them worked for me in the Scribd. :neutral_face: :thinking: :expressionless:

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There are plenty of tutorial and how-to’s in the community.
You should check them.


Did anyone had any luck with Storytel?

not working for audible

Please consider using gmail maybe?

Sorry to say,mate. I did not get that.
use gmail for what! generate CC or chek them! care to explain a bit! anyone. :neutral_face:

Use GMail (Gmail is a free email service developed by Google) for signing up on Scribd. Hope it is clear now :slight_smile:


GoDaddy Smartline only or can we try with Godaddy any service?

Smartline :stuck_out_tongue:

worked for me on Coursera!


@kornbolt, what do you mean by consider using gmail? Kindly explain.
My Scribd account is gmail but i followed above procedure and nothing worked for me.
Kindly tell us more.

Hi bruh I am new to this forum

Use gmail
Bin 515848
My personal recommendation

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For go daddy use master bin it’s working for sure …many are working on discover card .

Thanks !

i have learnt how to use the BINs but it didn’t work for me using Scribd.
How did it work for you according to your screenshot, bro?

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I used nord (new york) and a gmail account. Nothing hideous that’s all !

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thanks for your reply…
this is what’s happening on my side.
i have a Scribd account whose 30days Free read expired like a week ago and i didn’t add any card details.
so i tried this method on same account to add membership and then continue reads but it didn’t work.
i tried it on Scribd web using PC not mobile.

Maybe i just have to use a stronger vpn like nord on mobile because i used windscribe chrome extension when doing all these but the CC checkers didnt open when windscribe was active on my chrome browser OR CREATE a new Scribd account entirely.

What did i do wrong???

thanks for your response!