[BIN] Multifunctional (Marvel, Skillshare, etc)

Multifunctional bin

Bin- 444096004333xxxx
Exp- 10/22

Bin working on:

Marvel Unlimited
TweaksNewsVpn 12 months
Lumosity Lifetime Access
PicsArt gold
Fubo Tv
Tidal 6 months

I myself checked marvel, skillshare and tidal. Enjoy


Hi, i don’t understand how to get those account. i am new in this group. so please help me.
thank you

Working mate! Thanks!

@Darksaviour It Works. But what happens after 7-day trial is over?

@engkafil Copy the BIN number and paste it in https://namso-gen.com/
This will generate random credit card details !!!


It’s not working on Luminosity Lifetime Acess? anythings I need to do?

Make new account probably xD

Try to use a live card.You can check for live card here

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Not able to activate premium account for skillshare. Card decline/. I even used USA VNP using nordVPN. Please help.

not working. vpn also used.

Try live card and if doesn’t works then try v2 bin i posted.

Thanks, it worked for skillshare, lumosity, tidal and even for canva pro!!!
Other sites I didn’t check.

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Thnxs bro it work in tidal

What V2 bin? Can you please explain? Thank you!

lol that’s just my second post title’d “Multifunctional bin” that’s it. You can try both of them if either doesn’t works :smiley:

Great share

Unfornutely it did not work on soundcloud , tried genareting card details on namso-gen.com though.

Bro this is not working because this bin is from a bank of ALGERIA.

Have you used a live card when trying that?
@M.Hassan_Ali On which site have you tried?

it’s not working on Picsart