[BIN] For DISNEY+ BUNDLE (Untested)


BIN : 44275678267xxxxx

IP : USA🇺🇸
Use namso-gen.com for generating cards and zoner-gen.ml for validating it
ZIPCODE: 10010


Thanks, @Pawan_Kumar
i bought an annual subscription for free

Do I need to use US vpn?

yes, i used it

that works thanks @Pawan_Kumar

workd thanks

Thanks, glad you liked it !! Keep learning and posting the new things to keep this site up forever

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Is it legal ?
How does it work ?

Holy crap, it actually works!

Thanks OP!

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What Bin you used ?

The one OP mentioned, suprisingly worked, make sure to pick the bundle subscription, or else it won’t work.

got the monthly bundle. cant get anual subscription

got it thanks!
just wanted to ask , do we need to cancel before one month?

Yes, you got to do the same.

please can you tell me how to use this

please can you tell me how to use this, am unable to do so.

Hey man, I’m not from the US and apparently VPNs are blocked on the Disney+ site. So can you make one for me please?

try another bin and use VPN, btw i got a finished subscription so i just pressed renew…and did some more stuff, i selected 1 year plan and BOOM 1 year freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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Can you please tell which VPN you used??
most of them are blocked by disney

use nordvpn