BIN | Facebook ads

Facebook ads bin 25$ (untested)

Bin : 5262851xxxx1340xxxxx

Country : USA

ZIP : 10005

Vpn: express, proton

Note : I haven’t yet tested it ,


Can you refer me to the tutorial to use facebook ad bin


search google for namso gen and paste the bin there they will generate a fake card for you then use that card in facebook ads. remember to use vpn if you are not in usa, and zip code as mentioned above.

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Can i pm you? i also have a query regarding fb bins. @maamiradina

can i use this bin on my personal fb pages without getting ban? or would they terminate my account if they found it out?

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Same question +1

No it will never ban your page,

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Ad rejected all times


How do I create cc for the ad any link

Advertisement rejected I tried 4-5 times

May be bin is dead now

yes now the BIN is dead
I was able to boost my post.
thanks for sharing

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