BIN - Blinkist, free for 1 month

Click here to try Blinkist, free for 1 month:

Blinkist is providing a 7-day trial, but if you above link, you will get 30 days trial

Bin : 5170651xxxxxxxxx


How do you download books from blinkist?

Thank you, the BIN is working. Got the free trial.


Use this:

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Thank you so much bro its working. :slight_smile:

Thanks Alot its working great.
Something weird happened with me. My free month was suppossed to expire on April 21 but it still hasn’t expired and in my account settings it says it will renew in 2022.
Does anyone know if this is a bug or what? Can anyone else confirm if theirfree month expired or not?


It will expire soon :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

when? its already been over a month. did yours expire?

Yeah after 2months

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