Bill Gates Asked Microsoft's 'Junior Engineer' Job Interview Question

DevNull127 writes:

Let’s say you’re interviewing for a junior engineering position at Microsoft," Bill Gates was asked. “Why should we hire you?

“I like to be on a team,” Gates replies. “I like ambitious goals. I like thinking through how we can anticipate the future. Software is cool, and I want to be involved.”

The question was asked by top basketball player Steph Curry, in a new YouTube series CNN says will focus on ideas for positive change. In its first 20-minute episode Gates also spoke about the toll of the pandemic on workers in difficult low-paying jobs that can’t be done remotely. "We didn’t prepare well for this pandemic. I was one of the voices that warned that something like this could happen, but even I didn’t appreciate how inequitable this would be…

“Hopefully, although the whole thing’s a tragedy and a huge setback, some of those areas of innovation like online learning, telemedicine, get accelerated so that three years from now we can say 'Wow, we made over 10 years of progress. This stuff really works.”

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