Biggest MegaPack Rats V9 Made By Arsium + Arsium Pack Downloader V2.5.0

Hello, everyone, I present you my new version (2.5.0) of my application written in VB.NET and framework 4.6.1( ! required ! ). I’ve worked so hard to do this! It has been a long time I’ve not updated my application so here is!

What’s new in this version :

-A New category with sites for getting cracked tools

-Saefko System Cracked [XakFor.Net]

-New cracked program (Visual Studio 2019 Pro)

-Added Biggest MegaPACK Rats V9

New in MegaPACK Rats V9 :

  • Alliance RAT v0.3x
  • Async Rat Release Last Version
  • Joker-RAT_v3
  • LimeRat Release Last Version
  • SpyNote_v6.4 ACTIVATED
  • Spy_Byte_Pal (Custom Port by arsium)
  • VercySpyManager(Custom Port by arsium + Improved : removed useless loadings, improved UI …)
    -xTSR (ENG Version)

NOTE : If you have some problems with permission , just execute as admin EXCEPT GalaxyWorkstation otherwise you coudn’t drop servers

NOTE 2 : If you have some suggestions or bugs , send me pm

MegaPack Previous Ver :


-LeGend Rat v1.9 By Ahmed Ibrahim
-LuxNET RAT v1.1.0.4 Cracked
-Mega RAT 1.5 Beta
-Shia Hacker School -Rat v1.0
-Viral RAT 1.0
-Virus Rat v8.0 Beta
-wiRAT v0.1.5F
-Wormins RAT 1.5.3 By WormSystem
-XpertRAT v3.0.10 By Abronsius
-M.A.H ( There are 3 different versions )
-ORCUS 1.9.1 (+plugins)
- Quasar Golden Edition
-Comet Rat v0.1.4
-Diamond RAT
-Kronus RAT
-NingaliNET v1.1.0.0-cracked
-NjRat 0.7D Danger Edition 2018
-NjRat Lime Edition 0.8.0
-PentagonRAT Cracked ( 2 different versions )
-Quasar 1.3 modified by Deos
-REMCOS v1.7 Professional By Viotto
-Revenge-RAT v0.3
-SlayerRAT v0.7.2 By X-Slayer
-xena Rat
-cybergate_v3.4.2.2 full private
-Password Stealer For Njrat (from Hidra rat)
-888 RAT Private - Cracked
-Eagle RAT v2.5
-Hidra Force RAT v4.0
-njRAT v0.11G by Dx523
-Ozone C++
-Anti_Globalization RAT
-Dark Connect v3.4
-Hao Rat - By Noob Dos Scripts
-Infinity RAT- Cracked
-NanoCore By Alcatraz3222 (+ plugins)
-SpyGate-RAT v0.2.6 [reNew by ExceLLo] + Refud
-WOLF RAT v2.1
-Anti_Globalization RAT 5.3 (in the old folder called ‘‘4(PC)’’)
-LuxNetRat (last version compiled by me) (it’s not the same that LuxNET RAT v1.1.0.4 Cracked)
-Rottie3 RAT(compiled by me)
-Shia Core v7.0
-VayneRat (compiled by me)
-888_RAT_1.0.8_O _ Cracked by Artist
-Coringa-RAT v0.3 By SOOFT T
-NjRat 0.7d Golden Edition (another edition)
-njRAT v0.7d Danger Edition (another edition)
-njRAT v0.7d Edition By HiDDen PerSOn
-njRAT v0.10d
-SlayerRAT v0.7.2 By X-Slayer
-CobianRAT v1.0.40.7(cleaned)
-Coringa-RAT 0.4
-Daleth RAT 1.0
-Dead RAT v4.1 Beta
-FilesLock Plugin To Revenge-RAT
-Imperium RAT Cracked
-Najran RATV1.3E
-njRAT v0.8d
-njRAT v0.11G by Dx523
-Revenge-RAT v0.3+plugins
-WARZONE 1.2 Cracked
-Xena RAT 2.0.0
-Cyber Bot-Worm V1.0.4
-jRAT 5 (working version)
-Leak Zeus RAT SRC Ashwathama
-LimeRAT v0.1.9.1
-njRat v0.7d Super_a
-RDP Multi Tool - _ed By [PCR]
-Xyat-RAT V5.1 Beta
-AntiGlob 6.6
-ARES RAT V1.2.1
-Black Worm 6
-Ghost DzRat Compiled By Arsium
-Nitr0 Z3us
-New in folder “NJ STUFF”
-Orcus 1.9 Anti-Takedown Mod
-Spectral Rat
-TAR Release v1.1
-xTSR v1.1.0.6 Crack by XSterix & 0xffe
-Removed non-functional rats


-SpyNote 2.4.1 [ Android RAT ] 2.4.1 By Scream
-Spy note 4 and 5
-SpyNote 6.4 Cracked By B0u3Zizi
-SpyNote V6.4 from src code



V2.5 :!HM5EgATI!Fuz9Ro0iTx7SBgnQjxbPIX0EVZwD9SsUPtZ_Q7wJiII

Username : Arsium

Pass : 2.5.0

Pass For MegaPACK Rats V9 : BackFromDead

-Arsium Tools Hack V4 downloaded from my application : V4

Credit to Arsium

Enjoy & happy learning! :slight_smile:

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