Betfair Exchange | Earn good amount per day on autopilot | Requires only 5 min per day!

The more money you have the more money you make. (This is a completely White-Hat Method)

What You Need?

  • Betfair Exchange Account

  • Bank of 200-300$ but you can start with more or less.

  • Telegram downloaded

  • 5 Minutes of your time every day

What is the Betfair Exchange?

-The Betfair exchange is exactly like the stock market but it’s for sports instead. We can trade on teams or horses to win or lose.

-I stick to horse racing! Due to being only one winner it allows us to pick horses which we see as value and will lose.

-We will always be placing money on horses to lose. There is only one winner so theres huge value in picking a loser.

-If you want to bet on a horse to lose you can “lay” it. If the horse is Say 3/1 you will need to have 100$ risked too win 50$. Overall the risk we take is only small compared to the huge profits we make. If the horse loses then you win 50$.

-The best thing is that I pick the horses using my expertise over the last couple of years and upload my picks to Telegram every single day. It might only be 1-2 picks a day. Mainly due to the fact that we don’t want huge risk. (Telegram link provided at the bottom)

How do I start?

-Head over to and register an account. Remember you got to be 18+ in most countries to create an account. Buy an account if you are under 18+.

-Please confirm your details if you’re not buying an account and doing it yourself. Verifying your account allows you to withdraw your winnings quickly

-Most of my lays will be on horses with prices around or below 4/1. This keeps liability low while also creating value for you.

-Every month is different. We can win more money on some months. This all comes down to how many races there is and also due to Covid-19 the restrictions that are in place in some meetings.

Is this gambling?

-This is not gambling. I see gambling as something where long term you won’t make money and the house has the edge. What I have been doing over the last couple of years has made me money and a lot of it.

Do we lose?

-Yes of course we do. From time to time the horse will win but that will happen. We are not god and can’t predict everything. Your bank should be big enough to sustain these loses.

Will I be banned from Betfair for winning too much?

-Absolute not. Betfair love to see you winning. The more you win the more commission they make although it’s very small normally 2%-5%.

I can’t access Betfair in my country what should I do?

-I suggest buying a Betfair account with a Neteller or Skrill account attached and use VPN from that country. We certainly don’t want you missing out. At the time of writing this I was able to buy accounts on which allows escrow.

Can I see your recent profits and loses?

-Of course! I’ll have a link in my telegram group which will be to a Microsoft Excel sheet with all details i.e Horse Name, Odds, Track, Win or Loss. We are 100% transparent.

Is there a reoccurring fee within the Telegram group?

-There’s a monthly fee of 50$ that’s paid every month. Luckily enough your first month is included in the price of this method.


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