Best way to record videos playable only on apps?

There is a mobile app and I want to record it’s videos. It doesn’t let me screenshare it to computer nor the videos on the app works on any emulator. Which is the best way to record it? Videos are of many hours. I wanna know the cheapest and good quality options.

I am thinking of letting it play on autoplay mode and recording it with external device but which. That’s the question!

Do you have any idea guys? Please do share!


We don’t prefer that, If we prefer then how come are members creating a help topic publicly? why don’t you pal send PM’es to each other than instead of creating a help topic? These topics meant to stand public to help newcomers or other seekers to get help through them.

Doesn’t it make sense?

And if you really know the solution doesn’t works which you have, then better not say it, but if it does at least 5% then say it, That’s all.


Sorry dude

Install Android on VirtualBox, install the app on it, open the VM in full screen and use OBS Studio or Bandicam to capture the screen and record.


If it’s an android app Just download app cloner premium apk
and then select that apk you want to record screen of
Than go to display option and allow screenshots enable it
then go back and clone that app if the app is cloned you can now succesffuly record screen of that app with sound
Let me know if that works out for you Thank You!


Great ,moved a step ahead. Now there is no pop up saying “Cant take screenshot due to security policy”. But now the video portion in the screenshot is black or if we screen record the same blackout happens.
I read that these apps enable the FLAG_SECURE option .
Do you know any method to sole this without root(as these apps also verify that the device is rooted/emulated)?
Or to decrypt downloaded DRM enabled videos?

I searched a lot and can’t find a feasable solution. This should be an All in one thread for this problem.

is android OS or something? I wrote in the 1st post that app detects the emulator and videos are not playable on it. I can record using Screencastify and I feel that is best extention till date because it let us record even in the background, not keeping the tab open on the screen.

But the problem is not that. Problem is app is not playable on emulator.

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try this one

  • lightness (native, displays only the device screen)
  • performance (30~60fps)
  • quality (1920×1080 or above)
  • low latency (35~70ms)
  • low startup time (~1 second to display the first image)
  • non-intrusiveness (nothing is left installed on the device)

It doesn;t work for all apps.
It shows a black screen if the FLAG_SECURE option is enabled or DRM encrypted. .

Can u send me name of the app so i can also check?I have tested above method in 2-3 apps and that worked everytime for me and i have also tried decrypting drm videos but it was a failure :joy: But if u search online they will show u some samsung device method which lets u record drm videos i haven’t tested it because i don’t have that device but if u have it try it And please send the name of the app so i can help u

one of them is “prepladder”… you can try recording their free videos… also i have contacts with their developer team and they are offering 50K for one who shows how they can download it but my concern isn’t how we can download and get paid bounty … my concern is only learning it using offline… even if they are having watermark, i don’t have any problem… i just wanna use it for personal purpose… since their 2 years subscription cost much!.. i was burrowing my friends subscription and recording it for later use!

Yes, Android is the OS.
Instead of using an emulator, I’m asking you to directly run Android on a virtual machine.

Never heard of it but don’t think it will work … let me try that too.

I don’t think it can fail. But it needs a bit of technical orientation to do properly.

they are offering approx 50k to show them the way to record it successfully… even if it is drm then it is no problem … if you wanna win then you can also try on this app “prepladder”

Any link where they claim this? Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to make an app that cannot be recorded, all they can do is make it harder. Anyway, their T&C also states they’ll ban people who record.

i will send you claim here in sometime but it is not 100% guaranteed … they have written that … we have to show them and they will then discuss it with their team… if found that this method is genuine and can be abused then only they will pay 50K + plan c subscription for a year …

Sorry i tried but it doesn’t work app just closes even if u made a slight change in it or even clone it you should try that virtual android os method in your device if u have good pc or you can try virtual machine method in rdp😁for free rdp u can search forum😁

I m not a modder in any way i m also noob u can consult a good modder if there is one😁in this forum😁

And yes Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable"

Thought by :-edutechtainment😀

Here is an account of Prepladder i created for testing purposes if anyone need to test he can use this account
Email:[email protected]
Password:[email protected]