Best way to Learn Stock Market for begineers

Hello Friends Can any body help me
Best way to Learn Stock Market for begineers in India


The best way is to read books like intelligent investor,Security analysis, If you make the mistake of watching youtube videos and tv channel to gain profit,in the beginning you might think you are learning a lot but actually after 2-3 years you will realize you are 2 years behind already,most of them will move you backward,I learned it hard after wasting 5-6 years on those things ,later realizing everything I learnt from them was wrong, so don’t do that mistake


thanks bro for your suggestion can u share me some ebook

From more experience (more than last time I replied about this)… try to focus on these courses:

  1. Alfonso Moreno - Set & Forget (Supply vs demand trading)
  2. Nial Fuller - Learn to trade the market (Price action) [The video series]
  3. Victor Manena - We Wave differently [you can check his videos on you tube too] [Elliott wave theory]
    or the stuff of Jeffery Kennedy about Elliott waves. You might say that Elliott wave theory is very complex and subjective, yes it can that is where risk management comes in, but it is a must. Banks use them.

The worst part… control greed and fear … this is the worst area.

Good luck