Best NEW PC Build Desktop Combo For Programmers!

Can u guys help me out to build my programming pc under 20-30k (in rupees) which is good and under budget!


PROCESSOR-AMD Ryzen 3 3200G /AMD Athlon 3000G
MOTHERBOARD- MSI A320M-A PRO MAX(the cheapest that i could find on amazon and is a good one to use and ATM the motherboards are overpriced)
POWER SUPPLY- Thermaltake Litepower 450W Black Edition Power Supply SMPS / Corsair CV450(coz the power supplies from iball and zebronics or any other third party company dont last long)
RAM- CRUCIAL 8GB DDR4(8gb should be enough for programming and im using 16gigs of this ram bundle for an year and haven’t faced any problems )
SSD-CRUCIAL BX 500 120GB (mainly for windows bootup times)
HDD- SEAGATE ST500DM002 Barracuda 500GB

24110rs for ryzen 3 3200g build and 20860rs if you go with the athlon build.
i guess both are good for programming and other tasks too!ryzen 3 3200 provides a wee bit of advantage over athlon but both are great for there prices!

PS:-the total cost mentioned above is purely based on amazon prices!you can get some good deals from other websites like prime abgb,md computers ,vedant computers.even the locals markets provide some good deals too.


Finally someone mentions my PSU :innocent: :innocent:

Do not build a PC bro.
Get a laptop instead.

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Desktops can be upgraded in generations after generations… Laptop can’t give that much facility !! Portability Issue ?? Mini-ITX is much more carry-able now !! :innocent:

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pls dont say you can carry your LED too…

as for portable inbuilt NUC is better than mini-itx if someone can carry monitor. :wink:

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Y bro what’s disadvantage?

Laptops consume a lot less power, have batteries, are portable, support WiFi and Bluetooth inbuilt and are cheaper for the same specs.

They can be used with an external monitor and keyboard to get the desktop experience and still retain portability.

for those who are in machine learning they must use Pc coz laptops gpu is still very much less powerful compared to their counterpart in the pcs, and the tensor-cores on desktop outperform the laptops way too much. otherwise you can buy a lappy for other tasks.

a quick comparison,
a dataset on which i was working on took 47 hours to train on laptop gtx 2070, where as my pcs 2060 super outperformed it by doing the task in 13 hours.

If any Machine learning enthusiast wants my config i can share it too.

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