Best book suggestion for iOS and Android Native development

Soon I’ll be starting career in iOS and Android app developement ( I do have macbook for iOS development. ). I am little confused while choosing a books which will explain (almost) all concepts available in both platforms. Already tried video tutorials on these technologies but I am kinda bookworm so I prefer books over videos. I have gone through many books for the same but didn’t found conceptual approach. I’ll appreciate if someone suggests me a single or multiple books for learning development on these platforms. Even if you think a video tutorial or some other material is good for learning the concepts then also please inform. may be this thread will help others who are willing to learn development on both or either platform now or in future.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’m an iOS Developer!! My Suggestion for you initially start learning from the youtube channel Sean Allen or code with Chris and if you want to learn from the book go to you’ll find everything there.

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cool. I’ll look into these resources for iOS development. Thanks :grinning:

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I hope the industry will start to realize the power of Flutter in term of efficiency

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Flutter is for noobs

@apo_jo Thank you for your suggestion but i’ll keep flutter for later part.
My main focus is on native development.
Once I finish it, i’ll definitely start flutter as an addon skill.

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The market for native apps are lesser nowadays. People should start realizing that industry already starting to move from native app development to cross platform development. I remember when people criticize cryptocurrency. Now everyone only talking about bitcoin. Same like Flutter and React Native, you are a future ready cross platform mobile app developer that is already in hot demands.

I guess I preferred to be called noobs for now. :rofl:

You can see the trends here,react%20native,swiftUI,kotlin

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