Best App To Import And Listen To Audio Books On iPhone/Android

On iPhone - MP3 Audiobook Player App.
On Android - Smart Audiobook Player App

** For iPhone/iPad **
Download MP3 Audiobook Player app.

** For Computer **

Sign up for cloud storage (pcloud,dropbox, etc)download the app.
Upload your audiobook to your cloud acct. If multiple files, upload to cloud acct as zip file.

** On Your iPhone/iPad **

Install your cloud acct and sign in
Open the mp3 audiobook player app
Tap the book icon
Tap the + sign
Scroll down to “Import” and tap
Tap and open your cloud storage (pcloud, dropbox) and download one book (just to test) A message “Import Successfully imported X mp3” tap OK next page tap the <
It will show the audiobook. You can start listening.

(If you are short on your iPhone/iPad space, delete the finished audiobook (swipe left and tap delete) and import another one. It will be deleted from your iPhone but will still be in your cloud storage space and can be imported at any time.

Happy Learning! :blush:

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