Best & Advanced Way Of Hacking Any Instagram Account

Hacking Instagram Accounts

Yeah you heard it right now this tutorial not gonna include hacking the database of instagram or something very advanced

So the first thing you need is Kali Linux or Parrot Sec os or any other Linux OS
you can download parrot os from here and kali Linux from here
and that’s it

Now let’s start the guide

So the first thing you need is a net connection and brain and yeah don’t forget Linux any distro or flavour
The purpose of this tutorial I am gonna use the technique of brute force
Brute force is the technique of trying random passwords against a single user from a pre-defined character set or more specifically we can say I am gonna talk about a dictionary attack so dictionary attack is an attack in which the passwords are saved in a file from where we try these passwords on a single user

1 Open Terminal

2 apt update && apt ugrade -y

3 apt-get install git

{installing git to clone repo}

4 apt-get install python

{installing python }

5 apt-get install python3

{installing python3}

6 cd Desktop

changing directory to desktop

7 git clone (

{This command will clone the github repo}

OK so after completion of 7th command we need to run

8 chmod +x Instagram
after that run

cd Instagram

Now run python -h to get the help menu

Now just simply enter this command
python/2/3 USERNAME OF VICTIM /Path_of_wordlist_file
[wordlist file comes already by default in linux or parrot just extract rockyou in /usr/share/wordlists and replace the path ]

If the users password is in rockyou than this gonna work but if not than its your badluck but you can try other ways if you want

That’s it.



Hello, can u do a tutorial on how to run kali linux on windows 7, 8 or 10

if you do a tutorial video, it would be really helpful

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There’s lots of apps and codes around that claim that they can hack Instagram.

None of these work.

This one is not working for sure. First, this code listed here is no longer maintained. Second, no one can get this particular code to work. It’s very easy to find out these issues by going to the link shown in this post and then looking at latest issues and comments by people who are trying to get it to work. This often saves you an enormous amounts of wasted effort. It all sounds simple in practice but it will not work.

Keep in mind that there’s no Instagram bruteforcing app (or any other password bruteforcing app) can rise above the wordlist that it needs to use.These are all bruteforcing apps and all they can do is try a long (often millions of passwords long) list of passwords one by one, or even 10 or even 100 at a time using bots.

There’s no password combinations built into these apps, and there’s none built into this one. You need to provide your own wordlist as this post tells you. The basic rockyou list that this post is suggesting is something that comes with Kali. That list is from 2009. Yeah, you read that right, 2009. And we all know how careful companies have gotten since 2009 about password requirements. IG requires a combo of six or more uppercase and lowercase alphabets as well numbers and even requires special characters.

There’s not a wordlist in existence that can encompass that large a set of combinations.

And even if there was, it would require years of non-stop bruteforcing to get anywhere. Of course, that would require all security efforts at Instagram to be asleep for years for that to work. All social media companies immediately block an account after they see a certain amount of tries.

This is something few people will admit: The days of bruteforcing social media accounts are long gone. Now, you need either major leaks of their databases or some way of phishing or social engineering, which are not as simple.

These are all the reasons the codes for these applications, like the one posted here, are no longer maintained. They don’t work.

To all these “Super Hackers” who keep posting these “Best” and “Advanced” methods of hacking Instagram, I will issue a simple challenge. I will open a new IG account under my name. I will use the official requirements of IG to set my password. Then I will give you 6 months to bruteforce my account. If you win, I will give you $1000. If you lose, you give me $1000.

Let me see how many hands go up. I’m waiting.


@Alduh_Goat: Yes, see what @Darkshadow8670 just said. Run Kali inside Virtual Box on Windows. Lots of good tutorials around on how to do that. All of that is free; VB as well as the Kali Linux install etc. It is also safer. I use a separate laptop to run Kali on a VB and always use a VPN and other ways of staying anonymous.

It won’t work !


unless… you know your victim well enough to know best 5 guesses of his/her passwords lol
Do some leg-work beat your brain and work on social engineering skills.Study victim and then phish. That’s the only possible way of getting any live social media account :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe me it takes months and patience of an old tree. It’s even more frustrating when ur victim changes password because he/she thought it’s leaked or account hacked, due to notifications by said site. And even then if u manage, sometimes (mostly fb) blocks account temporarily, because u used an unregistered device :smiley:

Save your time. Don’t even try social engineering way if you are into quick hacks. DON’T even go anywhere near the posted hack lol It’s gonna take a minimum of 1000+ years with the hefty, jolly-good rig, even then IF insta allowed that many time and attempts on their system :slight_smile:


@Mohit_Wasnik: You spoke my mind friend!

I think if we are going to promote and educate ourselves and others about hacking, the first place to start would be to act responsibly when posting these so-called “Best” and “Advanced” hacks. Yes, I know this place is free, but we are here to learn and not just to be treated like noob suckers.

I for one is someone who is eager to learn. I have never attempted to hack other people’s accounts. (I have no opinion on others doing that.) I enjoy setting up my own Instagram and other social media accounts and then testing these hacking methods. It is a great way to learn without crossing the line and getting into trouble over tools that don’t work.

Do you know a bruteforcer for snapchat?

Does people really try to Brute-force Social platforms in this era :joy: ??

@fd2013: Actually no. People know better than to try and brute-force social media accounts. But for some reason “super hackers” keep posting these here like they’re something special. And suckers keep falling for this stuff.

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Please don’t hold your breath. It’s such a waste of your precious time.
Test what’s on offer and come up with a better solution if you think you have one.
Having said that, I offer you a helping hand …

1 …

How To Hack Instagram Account In 2 Minutes 2020

2 …

How to get back a Hacked Instagram Account

Enjoy your precious time on this planet.

@Peter_Brown: I am not sure who you are talking to. But you replied to me, so I am assuming your post was directed at me. First, I don’t think I need to come up with a solution before I criticize another. By your logic I would have to make a better movie before I criticize one and call it BS. And I for one do not need your helping hand.

Second, you are either not paying attention or don’t understand English very well. The issue under discussion is NOT whether social media or IG accounts can be hacked. Of course they can be. The question under discussion is the old and outdated brute-force solutions, which people keep dumping in here and which no longer work.

Your so-called solutions on the linked YouTube videos are not brute-force solutions. Whether they work or not is not any of my concerns.

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