Basically idle money

Hey, 1Hack community. :wave:
I have found a small method that makes a little bit of cash now and then. Requires no investment, just a little bit of your time to create an account and run their app.

Basically what you’ll be doing is sharing your internet to companies. The process itself is very simple, you just need to keep their app running on your PC. This is available to Windows, MAC and Linux (over WINE) users. Android app is coming soon.

Let’s dive in. First of all, you should head to this website and create an account there. You can either join using non-ref link or my ref link to help me in the long run. Don’t be greedy and help out by choosing my ref link.

:unamused: Non-ref link:
:blush: My ref link:

After you made an account there, download their app from ‘downloads’ page for your OS. Set it up, log in and watch the money flow. :money_with_wings:

This won’t make you somewhat rich, but I personally think that some extra cash for using your PC on daily basis will help. Current exchange rate is 1 USD for 5 GB of your data. Payouts are happening from 1 USD to PayPal and from 5 USD to BTC.

:framed_picture: Payment proof:

Hope this helps. Peace!


Thank for sharing Brother @ARXKL

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bro how can i uninstall this software ??

There is a file called ‘uninstaller.exe’ in IPRoyal dir. You can run it and uninstall IPRoyal from there.

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The faster our internet, the more money we will be able to make right?

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@chaku Technically yes. Another factor would be the demand for residential proxies in your country. If the demand is high, then you would earn more and faster, if not, a little bit slower. In both scenarios extra side cash for literally no effort won’t hurt.

How much time will it take to earn 1 dollar in general and what country you are from if in case you can share

@chaku I’m from Lithuania. Running the program on 2 different IPs (both 100mbps) it took me roughly about 3 days due to pretty low demand for residential proxies in my country.

Just downloaded this, giving it a try

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Does it take surfing data? Like If I am watching YouTube and stuff. Like that?

@Darth_Vader as I know, it uses your internet connection as a proxy for companies to gather data they need. So no, surfing data doesn’t count.

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Thanks for sharing. Used you ref link :wink:

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Just started it now. Let’s see if I can earn a dollar.

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Mobile app (public beta) just released. (Android 6+)

IPRoyal Discord:

Is it verified?

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@Darth_Vader not sure what you mean by that. If you mean if it is directly from devs, then yes, as the file is located in IPRoyal official website, but feel free to join IPRoyal’s Discord and click the link posted there I guess. :relaxed:

Oh, thanks for that fast reply. If it came from the devs, then it all good.

oh by the way.

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@Darth_Vader No worries, man. Just keeping ya’ll updated.

Depends on the region and the amount of customers interested in gathering data using your IP. Could be speed too, which is also a factor when choosing a ‘pawn’ in that particular region.
It takes time, but for many IPRoyal is way faster than platforms like Honeygain and others.

24 hours update

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