Basic Mistakes That Lead to People Getting Arrested from Darknet

  1. Don’t be the only person using Tor on a monitored network at a given time. Example:
    Don’t go to a hotel and connect from Tor. This will make it obvious and guarantee an
    arrest. Connect to a VPN first.

  2. Use a bridge.

  3. Don’t admit to anything. Demand a lawyer no matter what the case may be. ONLY YOUR

  4. Be careful from correlation attacks. Example: I’m part of x, y and b group. Easier to
    pinpoint you.

  5. Don’t give personal information. Keep your mouth shut and don’t tell anyone which of
    the world you live in, what you like to watch, etc.

  6. Use Tor consistently. Don’t use Tor to log on to a darknet forum but then logging in to
    your e-mail account which you use to e-mail illegal activists from Google Chrome.

  7. Don’t mess with sites, hosting or anything that is involved with Child Pornography or
    jailbait. Anonymous and LE are both always targeting CP hosters.

  8. Update, upgrade and update. Always use the latest versions of any and all software. You
    don’t want to be a victim of a patched vulnerability.

  9. Keep your online identities different. A different username for Clearnet and a different
    name for darknet.

  10. Following the money. Always use BTC mixers and launder your illegal money.

  11. Never download anything through tor browser.

  12. Only buy cards, dumps and other tools like RDP from high quality sources like,,, or vault market when you have an invite. (you can find
    these invites on alphabay.)

  13. Be Safe and Good Luck!


What is a darknet and how I can access it?

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Wow instead of being safe you’re asking to get involved into illegal surfing? In short Darknet means > A computer network with restricted access that is used chiefly for illegal peer-to-peer file sharing.

A little brighten to Darknet a short description: Most people like us confused about the term like Dark net or Deep web! It is a big part of the internet that can’t be found or indexed by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. For example, your bank account page is also the part of dark net sites. On the other side anything you can see in the search results, that’s call Surface web.

Darknet sites contain weird URLs and also known as .onion sites (Hidden services sites)

Dark marketplaces sale all kinds of legal and illicit goods anonymously for other currencies such as Bitcoins. When companies are hacked and their data is stolen, that stolen data often used for sale on the so-called Darknet.

Beware buddies and instead of surfing let’s have knowledge how to avoid it. Good luck!


Thanks a ton SaM, this will save someone’s ass one day

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I wish we can have a section soley for continous education on this subject .


You already at right section, anything education you would like to know about this subject, just name it i will do my best to provide. :slight_smile:


Thank you @SaM

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I didn’t understand 4th point… Please can you clarify it?


been there, its pretty boring… full of fake stuff like the redroom… bad actors!! lol

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Nice article, Is ultrasurf a good vpn? what are some good vpn softwares for windows?

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To visit this forum we have to use vpn?

If we can’t use tor to download… then what is another alternative (safe).

Great Knowledge Sharing, Thanks my superman.

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good tips . i always access Darknet without vpn . when i connect vpn and open Tor my internet speed slow down .

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You kidding me? LOL
we are not Darknet, choices are yours, use VPN or do not use VPN it depends on you, but FTU never required VPN to surf, beside if you’re interested to hide your activities from original ip for your ISP, then you can use VPN.

All others, kindly have patience, i will solve your question soon as i complete other basic tasks, i will be right back soon. :blush:

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it slows down beacuse of the intermediate relay . Ur traffic is routed theough several nodes to keep u anonymous that why its slow

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if u r thinking to find any entertainment stuff to watch online then its pretty boring coz streaming is mostly impossible but there are some forums to learn and other hidden links are very usefull

On same issue, check

i already know that…years ago…been in freenet, the darknet and deep web. and those were the times where if you wanna learn something you have to read… its easier now a days because we have lots of video tutorials and we can get them for free…

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yup bro . …

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