[Barter] We Have Good & HUGE Collection of Courses From Various Source! 📖

PM me @TheJoker with the course name and link/url from UDEMY, If we’ve got your course we will ping you back with a yes and you can continue to the term! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not free coupon, but We have purchased the courses or have access to the downloaded files, so an effort would be much appreciated from your end! We are at stake, need your help in posting good stuff for other in need 1Hackers! :pray::

Post something useful tutorials that you know or from the web for 1Hackers!

You have to post 5 working good tutorials, not any outdated ones or any coupons, but worth having a look kinda tutorials It can be anything from how to’s, to any tricks, tips, new stuff that other’s don’t know about… etc,

Check this for example >>> https://forum.telugudjmusic.com/c/Tutorials-Methods/7

Psst: Don’t worry, I will share with you anyway, but it’s just if you start giving effort, it will look nice to us!

It’s time to give back the community what we took from it . :heart:

Sounds fair enough? :face_with_monocle:

Start from now and send us your posted tutorial links via PM @TheJoker, we’ll check & drop the courses ASAP!

Good luck! :+1:


I appreciate that. I’m currently arranging my all downloaded courses (full content) and books in my Dropbox account. I’ll contribute when it’s done in a couple of days hopefully.


thanks, I posted some courses that I have, I hope I helped!


Thank you so much for this I will also share what I learn and that may be of use to 1hack community.

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Welcome to the 1Hack Forum!
Please read https://forum.telugudjmusic.com/faq before asking the above question.

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Thank you sir for informing.

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I don’t know if anyone is aware of a method to export the list of course I own on udemy, I have over 500 and don’t mind sharing the files but not gonna rip the entire thing.

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Use iMacros and setup the bot to crawl course page and export the list into a text file! :slight_smile:

I was wondering what link we can share? is it torrent or anything file sharer? let me know.


Is it ok, to post something with Torrent downloadable link or magnet URI?

Yes, only if the content is legal!

For example:


that is nice, if only people could post the best & time tested courses , that would be much appreciated

Agreed. This platform is not just for admins to share the content, but us users to also contribute so that others can benefit from it.

this will be of much help :smiley: