Azure Account Creation Problem

This is the problem I’m facing when I’m trying to verify my edu email that i’m using to get azure student… This is happening in the final page where it was asking for my students mail , after verifying phone number… I tried with differnt edu mails , created different accounts on azure but still facing the same issue every time… Can anybody give me a solution to this issue ?

Bro…its a very common problem and can be solved very easily…
what you just need to do is to install ccleaner and delete all the data of the browser including temp files,cache and data using CCleaner. Now you can again try to make azure with a fresh outlook account and a fresh number
tip: if you are using indian edu mail then make sure you set your IP to INDIA while making azure and same applies for any country edu mail ( same IP as region of college…edu mail)
PRO TIP: if you are using fake USA edu mail then azure will ban it withing hours…so always user your real edu mail…
fell free to ask any doubt here