Awazing Colab Notebook - All in one

u can make suggestions and issues to the author on github
ya i agree with u…basically author has added all the codes he found useful in one notebook
but thats why there is an index

Is there any notebook for this cloud torrent link

Would love to test it.

or any similar development with zip feature and fast upload download.

It used to run on heroku until they banned it…

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The repository was deleted or moved to private. So Sad! :sob: :sob:
Some guys are saying that google banned torrent users from Colab

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This is the file


damn…ya but that thg is nothg new
Fortunately I had forked it
Links Updated


It will still through errors because of the main repo getting private or deleted.

This Github user has the connections: biplobsd

Tell me if i am wrong, because there were ton of useful things in these notebooks and now they are all gone.

no bro…its jus a code…even if he deletes it …it doesnt affect my notebook…bcoz in the end its jus a code that i copied…all the backend processing is done by colab…so watever he does on his end it doesnt affect this code coz i already copied
So Nothing is gone and thks to Crizalid we hv the latest version
The only real loss is that we won’t get any updates in the future.
Why he chose to make his repo pvt is a mystery to me coz he clearly put in lot of effort in it.
Infact he was updating it almost daily.I suspect he made his repo pvt to prevent colab abuse

so if ur getting errors its not bcoz the main repo is deleted its coz of somethg else

Is File browser or File Commander is running in your end ??

Cuz here its showing errors.

and for all the Notebooks, I guess these were the ones Link

then it must be a bug…i hv never tried file commander…why do u use it when…colab has file browser by default…

Torrents are not working now

what error ur getting send screenshot

I help ya! Most of the tools are not runnable due to the updateCheck cannot be run.

This is because the updateChecker is downloaded from biplobsd repository. Unfortunately, the repository has been removed from the Github."

So, if you wanna run this notebook, you need to ignore, skip or remove updateChecker. Unless, you have to wait for the new updates.


oh that can be a pain
seems like there’s some movement going on…ppl removing colab repos frm github…better fork it while u can
but can be fixed easily if anyone has a forked repo
here this one works

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just make a AriaNG server for yourself, OP already shared how you can do it.
it’s much more accessible and always there when u need it.

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Update: Link
Colab: Link

This time fork it.


Bros, can i use this script/ method to upload files in drive FASTER from my pc? right now im using rclone browser to upload files & that doesnt help much. totally a newbie in colab so please guide me

how do i know my api keys for streamable gdrive video !! please help

There are several ways to upload to drives such as with:

  1. With this method you can upload files with direct URL.
    Save Files from URL to Google Drive


  1. You can download the files in the colab through:
    !wget "file url"

  2. Download Torrents in the Colab through provided Colab link below, and mount drives and use mv command to move files to drive:
    !mv "downloaded file path" "drive path"

Download torrent through this colab:

This is the file

I hope these methods helps. :slight_smile:


I am sorry, i dont understand what you tryna achieve.

Are you using GDIndex:

If yes then you can stream video right through the worker index.

Friendly Websites