[Awarness] Use different techniques for data[link] encryption.

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Hello Everyone! Back again with another post and it is based on awarness.

So, what I’m talking about is that for a long time I’ve been observing this regular and monotonous trend of providing data link which is encrypted via Base64 encoding technique. I know this stops leeching to a extent. But, regularity of this does not.
  • eg -

Go To Base64 & Decode:

This snippet is taken from @TheStrength 's post.

So, creators ,this is a request that, keep using different encoding techniques. If you don’t know there are numerous available on the web. And timely change your formats for these.You can even use cypher techniques. Now, doing so will greatly help to stop leeching of your hard worked data, that you’ve collected.

This is a suggestion for making shared data safe from leechers and other threats.

While, I said so I would like to list some of the techniques for encoding-

  • The Rots -There are numerous rot techniques.


  • The Cyphers


  • The MD5 and many more.


Once you chose the encryption technique, use this format and give the encrypted data. Rest, the people who want the data will search the technique and decode the data. If they are unable to do decryption, they can ask in posts[replies] section. For example I’ll use Rot20 and try to decode the answer -

Go To Rot20 & Decode:

Do read all rules and guidelines for onehack and behave accordingly.

Hope you'll use my advice to protect your data. And have a good day, the biscuit.

Thank you for reading, @RTF.